What we do

“Collaboration is the stuff of growth.”~Sir Ken Robinson. conne´ct v. 1. v.t. join (things, one to another); join in sequence or order; cause to be joined mentally or practically (with); (usu. in pass. or refl.) unite with other(s) in having the same origin or nature or consequence or purpose. 2. v.i. form logical sequence, be meaningful. [f. L. con(nectere nex- bind)] ~The Concise Oxford Dictionary, 7th Edition. desi´gn n. mental plan. 2. purpose (by~, on purpose); end in view 3. preliminary sketch for picture, plan of building, machine. etc.; arrangement of lines, drawing, etc., decorating or distinguishing a thing; art of making these. 4. establishing form of a product; general idea, construction from parts. [f. obs. F desseing (desseigner f. L designare DESIGNATE)] ~The Concise Oxford Dictionary, 7th EditionWe collaborate to create effective learning solutions for your followers, clients, and employees.

conex design offers a blend of experience and skills ideal for organizations and small businesses. Our skills in art, design, writing, observation, and collaboration combined with instructional experience developing eLearning, video tutorials, workshops, courses, and mobile applications means we can consider and offer a solution ideal for you.

The products we create include eLearning, training guides, support material, video tutorials, presentations, and mobile courses and games. We can also provide services in digital illustration, touch-ups, graphics, and photography. By working in collaboration with you, your organization’s goals and strategies are clearly expressed in the content.

The purpose is to connect people to the skills and knowledge needed for positive change: to improve safety, efficiency, self-reliance, confidence, teamwork, productivity, and success.

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