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Many client projects can’t be shared since they are proprietary, internal or private. The following are samples of some of the projects created by conex design that we can share.

eLearning and mLearning

On the Trails

This interactive educational project was created with the Lanark County Municipal Trails Corporation. It’s a simple and fun way to learn more about Lanark County trails and attractions. Phase 1 of the project includes a couple trails. You can virtually explore the trails, discover historical and current points and attractions, get tips on meeting other trail users, and find out healthy ways to get moving along the trail.

Project FeederWatch (excerpt)

Project FeederWatch is a training tool created for the Project FeederWatch citizen science program offered by Bird Studies Canada. Anyone can volunteer to participate in the annual winter-long survey of birds visiting feeders. Participants observe, identify, and record the birds that visit their feeders, and then submit their data to Project FeederWatch.

This interactive training tool was designed as a resource for teachers and students participating in Project FeederWatch. The course outlines how to participate in the project and submit observations to the Project FeederWatch database. Participants gain an overview of the common feeder birds found in Canadian regions and check their skills through a short review challenge.

The full course is available through Bird Studies Canada for selected audiences. For more information, see Bird Studies Canada or Project FeederWatch.

Getting Started: The Volunteers’ Guide for Therapeutic Riding (updated with a new module on Fundamental Movement Skills)

Therapeutic Riding is a unique and holistic approach to therapy, rehabilitation and recreation. The Lanark County Therapeutic Riding Program provides a safe environment introducing children and adults to the benefits and joys of the healing powers of the horse.

Volunteers are an important part of the program.

This short course provides Lanark County Therapeutic Riding Program volunteers with content that supports the Volunteer Handbook. Volunteers use review exercises to practice what they learn. This course was created using Claro, by dominKnow Learning Systems.


Sample Courses for dominKnow Learning Systems

The following are images from sample courses made for dominKnow using their online authoring tool, Claro. With Claro it’s easy to create interactive and effective eLearning and mobile courses. These courses are SCORM-compliant so you can deliver and track usage in your LMS, SCORM Cloud, or other solution.

To browse these interactive samples, click here to open the dominKnow samples page in a new tab or window.